Do you ever wish for more hours in a day to be more productive? Most people would like to achieve optimum productivity. However, it’s not about adding a new habit to increase productivity but eliminating the ones that are stopping you from achieving your goal.

Here are some productivity mistakes you may be making every day.

Not Paying Importance To Mornings

Mornings are important as they help you set the tone of our day. Constantly hitting the snooze button and sleeping late will disrupt your routine, which leads to unproductivity. Set a good morning routine to help you focus on your work, and get things done quickly.

Plan your mornings the night before so that you’re not running around stressed the next day. Waking up early, doing a bit of exercise and having a healthy breakfast are some of the things you can include in your morning routine to help you energize for the day ahead.

Less Is More

Many people believe that doing different tasks simultaneously can help with productivity. However, research has shown that efficiency levels drop while multi-tasking.

Human brains are configured for multi-tasking only if the activities are repetitive. However, when we have tasks which involve thinking or using cognitive ability, our brain begins “task switching” instead of multi-tasking. Task switching can leave us mentally tired and confused.

Accept the reality that our brain is wired to do one task at a time—it will help you save time and you can do the task on hand more efficiently.


Not Using the Golden Hours

We tend to waste our most productive hours in the day by using social media or doing other irrelevant things. The two most productive hours in the day are different for everyone. For some it may be a couple of hours after they wake up, for others it may be late at night.

Most of us know the time of day during which we are most productive. Utilizing those peak productivity hours to do challenging tasks will help you achieve your daily goals pretty easily.

Don’t spend these hours doing low-demanding tasks. Remember, you have limited hours in a day—so prioritize. Preserve your energy for the tasks which require more cognitive ability.

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Creating Mental Notes

Memorizing essential details to complete your tasks is not always helpful. Sometimes, you might be so busy that there’s a chance that you may forget these details. Therefore, it’s always recommended that ypu write down anything important in your notes and calendar app.

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