It’s hard to remember everything, especially events and appointments. There must have been times that you’ve forgotten about an important doctor’s appointment, or your kids’ school event. Having a calendar avoids that from happening.

Back in the day, people relied on paper calendars for their needs. It was frustrating and stressful to write down every appointment, especially if you were in a hurry. With the development of calendar apps and online calendars, life became a lot easier. However, there are thousands of calendar apps out there, and choosing the perfect one can be difficult.

Here’s how Aspire can help you stay organized and motivated at home and your workplace.

It Offers Customization and Integration

Aspire Productivity offers immense customization capabilities. You can create specific templates for your calendars that you can use as many times as you like instead of generic ones. Furthermore, if you like pdf calendars and digital notebooks from Etsy, you can choose and integrate them into Aspire.

All your calendars and notes can be customized. You can create quick notes, organize vacation plans and save them as templates to use later. If you love decorating, then use digital stickers to customize any digital planner template. Furthermore, you can set reminders and alerts on your calendar to help you stay on top of everything.

Speed and Intuitiveness

Your calendars are supposed to help organize your life. Having a slow calendar does exactly the opposite. The Aspire Productivity app is fast and offers a simple calendar solution for your needs. You can sync your other calendars instantaneously too. Aspire doesn’t waste your time, it helps save it and make it more productive!

picture showing calendar on iPad


You need an app that is cost-effective and pocket-friendly and Aspire offers just that. You can get a 7-day free trial during which you can explore all the basic features of the app. Once you’re certain you like the app, which we know you will, you can sign up for a basic or premium plan. The plans start from $4.99 per month. This is quite cheap compared to the thousands of dollars you will spend in a year buying physical notebooks.


There are dozens of smartphone options around the globe, and you need an app that is compatible with a majority of devices. The Aspire Productivity app is compatible with most iPhone devices.

Now that you understand how Aspire can help you, it is time to integrate it into your life. It’s one of the best productivity apps in the U.S, which can help you stay organized.

Sign up today to get your personalized digital calendar and learn more about its features.