10 Things Super Organized Moms Do Every Day


You don’t have to have a magic wand, a time machine, or a secret twin to be super organized. It’s actually much simpler than you might think! These are just some clever (easy) tricks to help you get more organized.


We all strive to the perfect mom. You know, “that mom,” the type of mom who might put on a superhero costume because that’s how together she is. Well, here’s the good news, you don’t need a costume or a magic wand to get more organized. Here are some ideas to help you stay on top of things. These things are basic, but brilliant.


  1. One thing is to take care of yourself first thing in the morning. What do I mean by that? Well get yourself ready first before you get everyone else going. “Just like when you fly in an airplane, and the Flight Attendant advises you to put on your oxygen mask before putting on your child’s, make sure that you get ready before worrying about getting everyone else ready first. Get up earlier than the kids and follow your own routine. When you are done, then you can check in on the kid’s or wake them up. If your kids are younger, then try setting your alarm about an hour earlier and get your day started before waking them. Give yourself some time to actually wake up and have a cup of coffee while it’s still quiet and you can hear your thoughts!


  1. Use the Aspire Productivity App to keep your notes on hand at all times. I used to carry a notebook with me, but I got frustrated with trying to find the page I kept my note on. It’s nearly impossible to find notes quickly in a notebook. But in Aspire, the notes are searchable by using just a keyword from your digital note. Now I don’t have to waste time looking for a notepad and a pen anymore or even worse carry one with me! The less I have to carry, the better!


  1. Organized moms create a “To do” list or they make a plan the day or night before. How do I make a plan? I use the same note template and simply remove completed items and replace them with the new to do items.


  1. Start dinner in the morning! Yes, I know the mornings are busy, but tackling this task earlier in the day will make for a much smoother evening. I create a weekly meal plan during the weekends. Each night, I check my menu to see what prep work will need to be completed in the morning. Then when it’s dinner time, the prep is done, and I am not scrambling around in the kitchen trying to get dinner on the table. If there are any veggies that need to be washed, and chopped, or a sauce and salad dressing that can be made ahead of time, I find that it makes the dinner time process much less stressful.


  1. Create a set mealtime and be consistent with sticking to it. For our household, dinner time is always 6:00 pm. If a family member is not home during this time, then I make them a plate for when they do arrive home, that they can pop into the microwave to reheat. The benefit of having the plate made, is that when dinner is over, I can get the clean-up done and over with. In the past, I have waited on cleaning up until everyone had eaten. This led to me cleaning the kitchen really late at night before bed. By having a plate made, I can get dinner done and cleaned up by 7:30 pm, leaving the rest of the night free! Oh, I must also mention that as part of my dinner clean up routine, I will try to prep for tomorrow’s dinner as well. Whether that be taking meat out of the freezer to thaw and making sure I have all of my ingredients and nothing is missing.


  1. Another thing you can do to become more organized is to do a load of laundry a day! Just as Fly Lady says, “A load of laundry a day keeps the Chaos away!” If you are unfamiliar with Fly Lady, then I suggest you take a look at her website for more amazing ways to get your home in order.


FlyLady Website


She has taught me so very much, and I have even passed her knowledge down to my three boys. They “Swish and Swipe” their bathroom daily and they are responsible for completing a load of their own laundry on a daily basis. They get their clothes washed, dried, folded and put away every day. Laundry at our house does not pile up anymore since implementing the one load a day rule.


  1. Another Tip from the Fly Lady! Swish and Swipe your bathroom every morning! It only takes a few moments. Here is a link to her perfect explanation of what it is to “Swish & Swipe!” One tip she includes in here is to use a simple hand soap to slosh around in the bowl for a quick daily cleaning! This leaves the bathroom smelling fresh and fruity, if you’re like me and prefer fruity scented hand wash.


  1. Set time aside for yourself to relax. As a busy mom, you have to give yourself some down time. If you don’t set this time aside during the week, you will burn out from being overwhelmed and overloaded. When we are overwhelmed and overloaded, things start to fall apart. But by setting time aside for yourself throughout the week, you give yourself space and room to think.


  1. It’s ok to say “No” sometimes. Super organized moms understand that it is ok to not accept every plate date, and limit volunteer work. Don’t overextend yourself by getting wrapped up in big projects that are too time consuming. Simply decline the request and move on with your day.


  1. Finally, something organized mom’s do, is they delegate to other family members to help out. As I mentioned earlier, my boys help me out by swishing and swiping their bathroom every day as well as maintaining their laundry. But I accept their help in other areas such as emptying and reloading the dishwasher and running a dust mop over the floors. Our mornings have become more enjoyable as we all work together to take care of our home.
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